The Build Your Operating Manuals Basic Program Agreement - Affiliate Program Version


Appleseed Business, Inc. dba The 7-Power Contractor®, is delighted to provide you with the “Build Your Operating Manuals Basic Program” composed of three key manuals—Technician, Customer Service Representative (CSR), and Dispatcher—and the self-paced online course that will teach you the right way to bring them to life and transform your company.

This program is not for everyone. That’s why we’re letting you try the course out before you take delivery of the three manuals. If you don’t see the value within 30 days, we’ll refund your money.

How It Works:

Once you complete the purchase of the Build Your Operating Manuals Basic Program, you will be taken to the first lesson. You’ll have full access to Lessons 1-9, and the ability to download a PDF of the comprehensive student workbook. You’ll also receive an email with your account user name and password.

At the end of Lesson 9, The Triangle of Communications, you will be asked if you love the course and want to take delivery of the Tech, CSR, and Dispatcher manuals. If yes, check the box that says you understand there’s no refund and you’ll be able to immediately download the three manuals, watch the remaining 14 lessons, and access additional handouts and videos.

Don’t love it? Within 30-days of purchase, simply go to your account page and click the refund button. Fill out the form and click submit and we’ll refund your credit card for the full amount. NOTE: Once you’ve completed the refund request, you will lose access to the course and you will not receive any manuals. (But you will have received a lot of good information.)

NOTE: Once you agree to the terms below and you either download the three key manuals or 30 days have passed, the course becomes 100% non-refundable.

These manuals and videos are a product of years of experience helping companies just like yours run with less stress and more success. I’ve invested over 100 thousand dollars and thousands of hours to create and refine these manuals so they can make a big difference in your company—fast. That’s why I need us to agree to the following:


This agreement is made between Appleseed Business, Inc. dba The 7-Power Contractor, “Appleseed Business” and , AKA “Company”.

Company Agrees To:

  • Neither give nor sell this material to anyone else or go into the manual or franchise business. (See the Ownership Section below)

Ownership of Intellectual Property:

  • Company acknowledges and agrees that Appleseed Business shall retain exclusive ownership of and reserves all rights in and to the generic Operating Manual forms and templates, Appleseed Business forms and template manuals, and all goodwill associated therewith and all copyrights and other intellectual property rights embodied therein.

  • Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to convey any title to, or ownership interest in, Appleseed Business or its forms and template manuals to Company, its owners, or any other third party.

  • Appleseed Business hereby grants to Company a perpetual, non-exclusive, world-wide and royalty-free limited license and right to use the Appleseed Business Operating Manual forms and template manuals solely for Company internal business purposes. The rights granted herein do not include the right to copy, modify, make derivations of, distribute, sublicense, or reproduce the Appleseed Business forms and template manuals.

  • In the event Company desires to use the Appleseed Business forms and template manuals in any other way, such as licensing or franchising with it, the parties will be required to enter into a separate expanded license agreement, with terms agreed upon by the parties.


  • Three key operating manuals—Technician, Customer Service Representative (CSR), and Dispatcher—and a self-paced online course only are included in this program.

  • Once Company checks box that they understand there is no refund once the operating manuals are downloaded, Appleseed Business will, within the course application, provide access to three separate Microsoft Word documents, each of which represents a master copy of the Technician, Customer Service Representative, and Dispatcher Manuals. Your company will be able to update and edit this master file in the future, without further compensation.

  • Company also will retain permanent access to all videos and source materials for as long as the program is in operation.

  • Should Company decide to purchase additional manuals in the future from Appleseed Business, this agreement will apply to those manuals as well.

Price and Payment:

Your investment in the Build Your Operating Manuals Basic Program and the three key manuals as laid out above is $2,249.10

To access the course an investment of $2,249.10 USD is required. This amount is refundable within 30 days if you decide you don’t like the course and don’t want to continue. Note: If you opt for a refund, you will not receive any manuals. You must request the refund within 30 days. After 30 days the sale will be considered final and the offer for refund expired.

Remember: Once you take delivery of the three key manuals—technician, customer service representative, and dispatcher—there is no refund.

Other Considerations:

The Operating Manuals provided by Appleseed Business are meant to serve as a custom guide for your company. However, the author takes no responsibility for compliance with the laws or regulations that govern your specific business. Before you develop your own policies and procedure manuals, check with your own trusted business advisers, including your own attorney, to make certain that your policies and procedures comply with all relevant laws, customs and regulations.

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