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Operating Manuals Allowed Us to Grow

Chaotic without Operating Manuals

Systems Have Been Pivotal

running a contracting business with less stress and more success is possible. (I'm living proof.)

After working for 25+ years in my family's New York-based plumbing, heating, cooling business, I sold my share in the company to my brothers and retired from the contracting business—at age 48.

Today, I live in sunny Phoenix, with plenty of golf courses. And when it gets too hot in Arizona, my wife and I are free to travel.

I was able to do this and set my family up for continued success because I was so successful in implementing business systems and training people that the business could truly run without me.

My wife and I are living our dream, however, I'm not done yet. I want to help you improve your contracting business with my standard operating procedure manuals—so you can do the same.

I know what I've done for my business and many others will work for you too!

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