Al Levi's Effective Time Management Course for Service Contractors

How Contractors Can Make Time for Standard Operating Procedures (sOPs)

Time management for contractors

Wouldn’t it be nice to run your contracting business and have a life too? Bet it would…

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Do you know what it’s like to...

  • not know where your day went at 10 p.m. (or 2 a.m.) when you finally head home?
  • have your days sliced, diced and hijacked one “Got a minute, boss?” at a time.
  • have great intentions to work on your business only to get derailed because customers, employees, and vendors were blowing up your phone and email.
  • give up delegating anything to anyone because you're never satisfied with the result—that is, if the job ever got done.

I know you do. Why? Because I was you.

It took me a long time to figure out how to get control of my time while working in my own family plumbing, heating, cooling, and now electrical contracting business. Once I did, however, the business became way more successful and far less stressful, pretty much immediately.

I know how to fix this, and I can show you how to get your life back, too.

That’s why I created the Time Management for Contractors: 7 Secrets to Getting Your Life Back, a video course designed specifically for contractors.

  • 9 video lessons specifically designed to watch over and over so you can anchor in the seven secrets.
  • 5 tools that are the forms you need to take control of your time.
  • A program that will take you an hour or two at the most to complete...with information that may just change your life.

If you want to...

  • Find out where your time is really going—and get some of it back immediately...
  • Learn the unbelievable difference two hours can make to your business...
  • Discover exactly how to use your calendar to plan for success...
  • Learn my foolproof method for reducing interruptions from incoming phone calls...
  • Know a super effective way to manage your emails and texts..
  • Get the exact right way to delegate (not dump) tasks and projects so they don’t land back in your lap...
  • Score the key contractor specific organizational chart at the foundation of running your contracting business with less stress more success...

...Time Management for Contractors: 7 Secrets to Get Your Life Back is for you.

But don't take my word for's what some of your fellow contractors have to say.


Jeff Waldman

"I never would have believed my business could survive me completely ignoring it for more than five minutes much less two hours, but Al showed me how."
— Jeff Waldman, President, Waldman Plumbing, Lynn, MA


Tommy Mello

"Al came in and helped us clarify and improve our organizational chart, and it literally changed the company. The company dynamic and the way we communicate is completely different. It has also made a huge difference in profit.”
— Tommy Mello, Owner/Operator, A1 Garage Door Service, Tempe, AZ


Denesse Iocco

“Whatever Al tells you, Al is right. Put it on your calendar and get it done. When we were working on our manuals we would get one done and we’d say, ‘We’re going to take a break.’ Don’t take a break. Keep that time slot and just keep rolling them out.”
— Denesse Iocco, Epic Services, Pearland, TX

Risk-Free Guarantee

7 Power Contractor Money-Back Guarantee

I know you will find as much (or more) value in these time management "secrets" as my other clients have...but...if you watch the first two videos and you're thinking the course isn't for you, simply send a photo of your completed Time Tracking Sheet (one day is all you need) to and I’ll refund your credit card.

But, wait, there’s more.

You can apply the whole $197 investment you made in this course toward the purchase of the Build Your Operating Manuals Online Program. A special code is provided in the last lesson.

Will you invest $197 and an hour or two today so you can get the rest of your life back?

Less stress and more success (and more time) awaits you. Buy this program now for just $197 and Get Your Life Back!


We pride ourselves in delivering platinum customer service. If you have any questions or issues with this course, I’m only an email away at Send me an email and we’ll work hard to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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