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061 – Why You Need to Stop and Eat Lunch

During the busy season, it's common to pile our lunch on the dashboard and swallow our food whole without coming up for air. Make time for lunch.

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060 – Making All the Pieces Fit

Business advice from too many different souces is rarely effective, and it's a headache trying to make all the different pieces of advice fit.

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059 – Marketing Ahead So the Phone Won't Go Dead

Have you ever picked up your company phone just to check if it was working? There’s nothing scarier than a phone that’s gone dead. Learn to market ahead so the phone won't go dead.

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058 – Can Radio and TV Marketing Still Make the Phone Ring?

Have you wondered whether or not radio and TV marketing still make the phone ring? Yes, they can, and I've seen my clients' business increase as a result!

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057 – What's Finally Going to Fix Things at Your Company?

Riding your white stallion sun-up to sun-down putting out fires in your contracting business? Fire prevention via operating manuals is the key to success.

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056 – Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Do you have too many cooks (aka leaders) in your company? Get everyone on the same page and work more effeciently with operating manuals.

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055 – What if I Train Them and They Leave?

It's often asked, “What if I train someone and they leave to work for the competition?” But what if you don't train them and they stay? Training is vital.

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054 – Are the Stings Set Up by TV Stations Fair to Contractors?

The stings on TV give contractors a bad name. Contracting companies have to overcome a bad stereotype. Operating manuals make this easy.

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053 – The Secret Bonus of Operating Manuals

Every contracting business owner wants to minimize chaos and boost sales. The question is… How? Operating manuals are the key.

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Notice to listeners: The information in this podcast, along with the forms and structures provided, are meant to serve as a helpful reference guide for the plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, and other contracting industries. The host of and contributors to this podcast take no responsibility for compliance with the laws or regulations that govern your specific business. The responsibility for making sure everything is compliant (among other things) is 100 percent yours. Before you implement any new information or forms, please check with your own trusted business advisers, including your own attorney, to make certain that the forms and the information you plan to implement will comply with all relevant laws, customs, and regulations.

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