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047 – Gratitude: Your Most Powerful Tool

Letting go of disappointment and anger and instead showing gratitude toward your employees is the best way to bring positive change to your business.

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046 – How Great Techs Become Successful Owners

Feel like you're spending more time working as a technician than the successful owner you're supposed to be? Operating manuals help you make the transition.

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045 – Handing It Off Without Losing Your Mind

Trouble getting your employees to complete a task properly? Delegating tasks instead of dumping tasks on them will make the difference in a successful and unsccessful project.

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044 – Grow Your Own Techs

Stop the headache of hiring experienced, already-trained employees and start hiring willing people who you can train correctly with the right skills.

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043 – Written Policies and Procedures Help Everyone Sleep Through the Night

Wish you could sleep through the night without getting regualr middle-of-the-night emergency calls from your staff? Implementing written policies and procedures can make that happen.

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042 – Operating a Drain and Sewer Business Smoothly in Good and Tough Times

Jim Criniti shares how operating manuals allowed his business to grow and how all the safety topics that are already baked into the technician manual made it relatively easy to add a layer to it, such as wearing masks.

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041 – What Does Keith Pinkerton Know about Operating in Good and Tough Times?

Keith Pinkerton shares how chaotic and stressful trying to manage four locations was before operating manuals. Organizational charts have also become critical to the creation of staffing contingency plans for his business during this crisis.

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040 – 5 Reasons You Can’t Run Your Business from the Beach Forever

Your business can't run without you forever, but you don’t have to be heavily involved in the day-to-day operations if you set your team up for success with systems.

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039 – Tim Flynn Knows How to be Successful in Good Times and Tough Times

Tim Flynn shares how pivotal systems have been for his company in good times as well as these tough times. It’s how he was able to add on to his existing procedures in response to what is going on in the world right now.

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