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031 – The Danger of Trying to Do It All

Just because you, the owner or manager, CAN do something it doesn’t mean you SHOULD or that you’re the right one to be doing it. This mind set of needing to do everything may well be what stymies the growth of your business.

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030 – Creating a Business to be Thankful For

Many contracting business owners say, “I hate my business.” The goal of business is that it serves you, not that you serve it. To create a business you're thankful for, you need to start by recognizing some truths and falsehoods.

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029 – Back to School

As contractors, we can never stop learning. As kids go back to school, it's also time for you to go back to school. The type of back to school I’m referring to is committing to having super effective in-house training.

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028 – Attitude vs. Behavior: What's the Difference?

Evaluating employees based on their attitude is a flawed method. It's easy to color their perceived attitude based on your perspecitve. Rather, focus on evaluating people based on their demonstrated and observed behaviors.

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027 – What Are You So Busy Doing?

No time to work on the business? This episode lays out specific tactics you can take to literally manufacture time—and get your life back.

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026 – Police State or Permissive Where Anything Goes?

Learn how Operating Manuals lay out your policies and procedures so that once you've trained everyone, you can use them to hold everyone to the same, fair standard.

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025 – Making It Okay for Your Employees to Ask for Help

Making it OK for employees to ask for help gives you the opportunity to help them get better and more easily identify instances where it has progressed from a training issue or a discipline issue.

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024 – Office Politics and Gossip

Office politics and gossip can create a minefield that is tough to navigate. Learn how implementing policies and procedures can reduce the risk of HR problems at your company.

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023 – Writing Your Game Statements

Get your contracting business pointed in the right direction by setting up effective mission, position, and end game statements to guide your progress.

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