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013 – Actions Speak Louder than Words – Fix Your Own First

You're being watched—did you know that? Your employees are studying your every move to determine what is OK behavior at your company. In this episode I explain how to make that crystal clear and why you must tow the line like everyone else if you want to make it work.

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012 – What to do When the Work Family is Fighting

Family's fight. It's what they do. My brothers and I are very close and when we all were working together in the famly business, we had some doosies. In this episode, I'll provide some guidance on how to successfully navigate through the family dramas to get everyone refocused on the business.

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011 – Who Goes to Training and Seminars?

Conferences, training seminars, webinars, demonstrations—who goes? If you're like we were in my company, it was us! In this episode I explain why it's more beneficial to use those opportunities to train your techs so that they can become more capable and better at their jobs.

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010 – No Such Thing as Accidental Company Culture

If the culture is crummy in your company, whose fault is that? Yours! The good news is that because you created it, you alone can fix it. In this episode I'll tell you how.

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009 – 90% Chance Nothing Bad Will Happen

Scared to take time out of the business to work on it? In this episode I wax on about how there is a 90 percent chance nothing bad will happen if you take two hours a week to work ON the business instead of in it, along with some tips on how to do just that.

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008 – Right Way to Say Goodbye to a Bad Employee

Getting rid of a bad employee can improve your business immediately, but if not done carefully also can cause a lot of problems. In this episode I talk about the steps of corrective action you can use to document departures from expectations outlined in your operating manuals and either get them back on board or make separation easier for both parties.

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007 – Chief Executive Communicator

I have a new title for you: Chief Executive… Communicator! What is that? In this episode I explain the critical importance of this role, which involves creating your vision and helping your employees see that vision as their vision too.

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006 – What to do if Employees are Always on Social Media

Employees always on social media? What can you do? In this episode I address how to manage through employees who are always connected.

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005 – Mitigating Bad PR

Your customers are always plugged in and the last thing you need is for the TV cameras to show up on your doorstep or for a customer to leave a bad review online because of a misunderstanding. In this episode, I outline some things you can do reduce the risk of these things happening to you.

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