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Wish your contracting business could run without you?

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Get people up and running, doing their jobs properly, and making you more money within just a few weeks.
  • Go on vacation (or sleep all the way through the night) without the phone ringing once.
  • Actually enjoy running your contracting business because you know it could truly run without you.

Operating Manuals allow you to do all these things — and more.

Success Story
Zoom Drain Philadelphia

I could go on about how great these manuals are and what a big difference they have made in the lives of many contractors over the past 18 years. But don't take it from me...

In this interview, Zoom Drain Philadelphia Owner and General Manager Jim Criniti shares the dramatic positive impact operating manuals have had on his company and the lives of everyone in it.

Zoom Drain is a prime example of the incredible power of operating manuals. Watch it now.

The Manuals

31 proven templates — 90% already done!
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  • CSR
  • Dispatcher
  • Technician

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  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Employer/Employee
  • Install Coordinator
  • Apprentice

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  • Commercial Sales Agent
  • System Advisor

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  • Customer Service Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Install Field Supervisor
  • Service Field Supervisor
  • Service Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Install Manager

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Why Don't I sell These Manuals all at once?

Because very few people ever got them done. Why? They didn’t have me there standing over their shoulder helping to edit them, roll them out, and coaching them on how to keep them in the culture! There are so many of you... and just one of me.

That's why I developed the Build Your Operating Manuals Program.

In this program, you will receive everything you need to get operating manuals installed in your company, including the CSR, Dispatcher, and Technician manuals, 23+ short videos where I walk you through the entire process step-by-step, and more. Check it out.



The Build Your Operating Manuals Program

  • What to expect from the course.
  • Where these ideas came from and what's in it for you.
  • Al’s "Operating Manual Philosophy."
  • Three types of organizational charts you need to run your business — box chart, depth chart, and flow of communications.
  • How they work and why they are important — even in small companies.
  • Introduction to the Triangle of Communications— CSR, Dispatcher and Tech—three integrated manuals.
  • The importance of picking someone to spearhead the project of building your operating manuals.
  • How to adapt the CSR, Dispatcher, and Tech manual templates included with this course, as well as what to watch out for.
  • The best way to go about customizing the manuals — complete with detailed video demonstrations of some advanced editing techniques in Microsoft Word you can refer back to anytime.
  • How to put the manuals to work in your organization the right way.
  • Detailed rollout process, sample rollout speech, and do's and don'ts for how to introduce the manuals to your organization.
  • What to do after the manuals are rolled out to ensure their success.
  • What it takes to ensure the manuals become a permanent and dynamic part of your company culture.
  • Things to watch out for and when to take action.
  • How to use the manuals as a tool to correct unwanted behaviors.
  • Al’s top tips on how to manufacture the time you need to get manuals installed in your company — so your business can run with less stress and more success.
  • What else is available to you (hint: more manuals!) and what you might want to undertake next.

The Build Your Operating Manuals Program comes with the following support materials:

  • Three standard operating procedure manual templates (90% already done) — customer service representative (CSR), Dispatcher, and Technician.
  • 63-Page Workbook outlining the key concepts of every single lesson.
  • 3 Sample Organizational Charts — box, depth, and flow of communications.
  • Operations Manuals Spearheading Status Report
  • File Naming Procedure
  • Detailed Word Document Editing Procedures
  • Sample Rollout Speech
  • After Rollout Meeting Schedule
  • Training Checklist Exercise
  • Tips on Building a Training Center
  • Steps of Delegation
  • Time Tracking Sheet
  • The 7-Power Contractor Guide to Better Meetings
  • The 7-Power Contractor Book (PDF)
  • Audio Files

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  • 3 KEY SOP Manuals CSR/DSR/Tech
  • Step-by-step video tutorials on how to edit, implement and keep manuals in your culture!
  • Option to purchase up to 29+ additional manuals View Price Sheet
  • 30 days of email support *
  • Time Management for Contractors online course
  • Two 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with Al Levi (6-month period)
  • Extras such as additional procedures and documentation from "Al's Vault"

All Access


  • 3 KEY SOP Manuals CSR/DSR/Tech
  • Step-by-step video tutorials on how to edit, implement and keep manuals in your culture!
  • Full Access to 29+ additional operating manual templates
  • 6 Months of email support*
  • Time Management for Contractors online course
  • Six 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with Al Levi (6-month period)
  • Extras such as additional procedures and documentation from "Al's Vault"


Al's Manuals Totally Work

Very Positive for Our Company

Program and Manuals Are Well Worth It


Watch the video tutorials through Lesson 9, Organizational Charts. If it's not for you (and you haven't yet downloaded the manuals) simply click the refund button in your account and we'll give you your money back.

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P.S. Putting Standard Operating Procedure Manuals into place at your company will change your life and business in ways you can’t imagine. Select a program and get started today. 

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