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Matt Thompson, owner of Gold Star Service on Long Island, New York, knew he needed operating manuals. The problem? He was busy running the company and didn't have the bandwidth to make it happen. At my Build Your Operating Manuals program in 2017, Matt learned how to customize and rollout the three key manuals—CSR, Dispatcher, and Technician. And it's made a huge difference in his company. Will yours be next?

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— Al Levi
"I hired a CSR on Monday and using the manuals, she was 75% booked by Friday. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. "
—Matt Thompson, Gold Star Service

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We Now Work In Tandem

The organizational chart, a series of regular meetings, and the Top 5 list helped multiple family members at our company,…

Kathy Betlem, John Betlem Heating and Cooling

Everyone is More Accountable

The implementation of systems and procedures not only made me and my brother Dale more accountable for how we ran…

Jeff Gerber, Homestead Fuel Oil, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

No Longer Seeking Refuge

Through Al's help, we've worked on service, built manuals, and constructed a training center. We're able to build our own…

Mark Paup, Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Company-Wide Uniformity of Execution

The systems that Al has helped put in place are helping the company become more organized. We're now able to…

Jim Harper, Plumbing Systems Inc.

Implementing New Century Systems

I was trained in the grandfather way, but Al pointed out we needed to enter the new century way of…

Dave Judd, Master Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling

Al Gave Us a Sense of Direction

Without Al, we might not have had a future. We were a floundering company. Now that Al has helped us,…

Susan Miller, Allied Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling

Never Go Over the Same Thing Twice

Having customized manuals allows me never to go over the same thing twice, I simply refer to the manual our…

Tim Flynn, Winters Home Services

I Have Better Focus

Before working with Al, things were chaotic, there wasn't a systematic approach to things, and I had a hight turnover…

Adrian Stephenson, Comfort Services

Manuals Got Us on Track

Al introduced us to something we had never even heard of before in our industry – operation manuals. These manuals…

Rob Minnick of Minnick's Heating, Cooling, and Home Energy Solutions

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