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Matt Thompson, owner of Gold Star Service on Long Island, New York, knew he needed operating manuals. The problem? He was busy running the company and didn't have the bandwidth to make it happen. At my Build Your Operating Manuals program in 2017, Matt learned how to customize and rollout the three key manuals—CSR, Dispatcher, and Technician. And it's made a huge difference in his company. Will yours be next?

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— Al Levi
"I hired a CSR on Monday and using the manuals, she was 75% booked by Friday. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. "
—Matt Thompson, Gold Star Service

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Secret to Growing the Company

We’ve created so much new talent in the first phase of Staffing Power! that we had Al come back to…

Mike Borowski, Precision Plumbing Services

No Longer a Hostage

Today, everyone at my shop loves training, and loves feeling they have a career and not just a job. They…

Tim Flynn, Winters Home Services

Our Training Center is Now Effective

Our training center became a living place for effectively simulating real-world tasks our people encounter and filling the holes in…

Jim Deiter, Deiter Bros

I'm Able to Work on the Big Projects

When there are five techs, you’re a Service Manager. When there are 10 you’re an overwhelmed Service Manager. What are…

Joe Haney, Lowry Electric, Inc.
Barry Kindt

Better Sales Training, More Sales

One of the most valuable things about the Sales Power! workshop was all of the scripts with techniques for the…

Barry Kindt, SECCO, Inc. & SECCO Home Services
Pete Wood

Techs are Making More Quality Sales

Al did an awesome job when he did the Sales Power Workshop. The time spent was very productive, and it…

Pete Wood, Rooter MD

We're Seeing Very Positive Changes

We are seeing some very positive changes here since we began implementing the first step of Sales Power! which was…

Don & Glenda Moore, Integrity Plumbing

Our Sales Continue to Improve

What a difference! Al’s changed our company culture to one that’s always thinking about maximizing our marketing opportunities. With a…

Andy Stack, Stack Heating & Cooling

Better Off with Al by Your Side

I wasn’t sure that what Al does would fit a big company like ours. So, I did some checking with…

Sam Marcisso, Pine State

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