"No Longer In Firefighting Mode"

Wayne Beck, Aladdin Air Conditioning And Heating
October 24, 2010

Before I asked Al Levi to visit us, employees were being arbitrarily judged by inconsistent policies and procedures that basically existed in my head. Company communications were nothing more than random memos and random conversations.

Al toured the office and the warehouse–meeting and interviewing key staff members. He seemed to notice what was and was not happening without interrupting the action. Al saw that our people and systems were being strained to the limit. We were in full fire-fighting mode. He asked a ton of pointed questions which revealed both the obvious and the not-so-obvious. Because Al’s been a contractor and has traveled around the country to help other contractors, I never felt he was judgmental. He completely understood what it’s like and was only there to offer his help.

When Al’s Needs Assessment Report arrived by email I was so fired up that I stayed up way past midnight talking with my wife. When was the last time you stayed up late to have an exciting conversation with your wife about work? Probably not since you first decided to go into the business, right?

Al’s approach gives me the total package on how to run the business– I no longer have to do everyone else’s job while trying to do mine. Even more impressive than Al’s scheduled follow-up calls are the calls just to see how things are going for me and Aladdin. I no longer feel that the company and I are alone in this. The possibilities are great now, and the future is looking even brighter. Now, that’s a reason to stay up all night!

Wayne Beck, President
Aladdin Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.
Newbury Park, CA

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