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Information and insights for plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, and other service contracting business owners direct from your host, contracting business consultant and former contractor, Al Levi. All episodes are 10 minutes or less.

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094 – Systems Freed Me Up to Help My Daughter

Systems in my business freed my up to help my daughter. Systems can free you up in your business too! Learn how here!

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093 – To Spoke Shop or Not to Spoke Shop

Should you spoke shop, or should you not spoke shop? Al Levi shares his advice to help you make the decision that's best for your company!

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092 – Will They All Quit if You Put in Operating Manuals?

Will all your employees quit if you put Operating Manuals in place? No, quite the opposite! To explain why, Al shares this story…

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091 – They're People, Not Robots

We all are kids no matter how old we get. We love to be acknowledged. We crave it. Do yourself and your employees a favor. Find them doing something good and make a big deal out of it.

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090 – 5 Signs Your Business is Growing Too Fast

Feel overwhelmed? Things getting out of hand? Al Levi shares 5 reasons your business is growing too fast!

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089 – Size Can Matter

Can your service area allow you to grow to the company size you want to be or need to be? This is a tough question. Find the answer here.

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088 – Two Roles You Can Never Leave as an Owner

There are two roles you can never leave as an owner if you want your business to succeed: financial manager and marketing manager.

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087 – Lying at Work

Lying – owners, managers, team members, and customers do it, but it's destructive to your company. Learn how to get to a point where they'll feel more comfortable telling the truth!

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086 – How to Get Your Life Back and Have the Business You Want

Want to get your life back and have the business you've always wanted? Start by following these five tips!

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Notice to listeners: The information in this podcast, along with the forms and structures provided, are meant to serve as a helpful reference guide for the plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, and other contracting industries. The host of and contributors to this podcast take no responsibility for compliance with the laws or regulations that govern your specific business. The responsibility for making sure everything is compliant (among other things) is 100 percent yours. Before you implement any new information or forms, please check with your own trusted business advisers, including your own attorney, to make certain that the forms and the information you plan to implement will comply with all relevant laws, customs, and regulations.

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