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Systems and Processes with Al Levi | Torsion Talk Podcast

Want to improve your business’s efficiency?

On Season 5 Episode 15 of Torsion Talk Podcast, Al Levi shares with host Ryan Lucia about implementing systems and processes in your business to improve its efficiency.

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Tips for Success | The W.R. MEADOWS Podcast

Everyone loves some good success tips!

On Episode 4 of The W.R. MEADOWS Podcast, Al Levi shares some great business tips and tricks from his extensive knowledge in the trade industry with host Riley.

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What are the 7 Powers a Contractor Must Master? | Service Business Mastery

What are the 7 Powers a contractor must master?

Al Levi shares what those 7 Powers are on Episode 609 of the Service Business Mastery podcast with host Tersh Blissett.

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How Systems are One of the Most Important Components of a Business Success Strategy | CVC Success Group’s Live Broadcast

What’s the most important component of a business success strategy? Systems!

Systems are vital to your business’s success. On CVC Success Group’s live broadcast, Al Levi shares with Jerry, Sheryl, and Brandi why this is true.

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Increase Your Staffing Power

Increase Your Staffing Power | ServiceTitan’s Toolbox for the Trades Facebook Live

Get your staffing questions answered!

Al Levi led an informative and engaging Facebook Live session where he answered burning questions about Staffing Power! To watch the webinar, join ServiceTitan’s Toolbox for the Trades Facebook Group.

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How You Can Scale Your Business and Live the Life You Want To | Winning on Main Street

You can live the life you want! How?

Most business owners are so focused on solving the problems of today that they don’t stop to consult a plan. Al isn’t a fan of 10-year plans, but he does believe having a 3 to 5-year plan is critical.

In Al’s episode on the Winning on Main Street podcast, Al shares with host Gordon Henry how you can scale your business and live the life you want.

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Staffing Power… Yes, You CAN Find Great Employees!

You asked, we answered! So many of you have asked how to find great employees to train with your new operating manuals. And even if you don’t have operating manuals yet, this recording of a Facebook Live with Al Levi and Tommy Mello will give you a clear overview of what you need to do to find, orient, train, and retain your dream employees.

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Growing and Managing Business Growth | Home Service Leaders

Ready to grow your business while simultaneously managing the growth?

In Part 1, Al Levi shares with Nathan Young, host of the Home Service Leaders podcast by More Leads Online, how get your contracting business growing by getting everything organized and written down. If you feel like you’re fighting the same fires every week in your business, this is the episode for you.

In Part 2, Al returns to talk in-depth about his approach to budgeting and managing growth for contractors.

Listen to Part 1 here!

Listen to Part 2 here!


How to Master Growth with Systems and Processes | ServiceTitan

There’s not enough of you to go around to answer the same questions over and over and put out the day to day fires, much less plan for growth. What if I told you there’s a way out?

On my live session on How to Master Growth with Systems and Processes with my guest Tommy Mello for ServiceTitan’s Growth Series (an 8-week masterclass for contractors looking to grow), you’ll learn the following:

1) Learn the fundamentals of scalable systems and processes whether your company is big (or just wants to be)

2) Snag key tips for building an organizational chart that is also a roadmap for growth

3) Get the 411 on exactly how (and when) to add a new trade, new type of customer, and how to open another location the “right” way
Missed it live? No worries!

Learn more about the episode here.

And register to watch my whole session as well as others here.


How to Lay the Foundation of a Thriving Construction Company | Construction Genius

Every business needs a good foundation.

When growing your business, things can get stressful. To make sure you’re on the right path when it comes to scaling your business, it’s important to lay the right foundations, doing the work necessary from the ground up.

In this episode of the Construction Genius podcast, I share with host Eric Anderton valuable insight into what it takes to run and scale a construction company successfully.

Listen to Episode 117 here!


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