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Adding an Additional Trade | Service Professionals Australia

On Pipeline to Profitability’s Episode 50: Adding an Additional Trade, Al Levi joins host Allan Ferguson to discuss the reason behind adding an additional trade to a business. Learn the ‘why’ and other great tips on this podcast. Listen now!


Retaining Your A-Team (Part 3) | The Site Shed

On Part 3 of the A-Team series on The Site Shed, Al Levi joins host Matt Jones to discuss how you can retain your staff and keep your A-Team. Learn to make the shift of offering a ‘job’ to offering a ‘career path’ so employees don’t want to leave your company. Listen now!


Onboard and Train Your A-Team (Part 2) | The Site Shed

On Part 2 of the A-Team series on The Site Shed, Al Levi joins host Matt Jones to discuss how to properly onboard and train your A-Team. Do your employees have clear job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities? Have they been inducted correctly and been taught your way of doing things? Do they have someone to turn to for help? Learn more about on boarding and training by listening now!


Recruiting Your A-Team (Part 1) | The Site Shed

On Part 1 of the A-Team series on The Site Shed, Al Levi joins host Matt Jones to discuss how Al finds the right team members for his organizations. Find out how you too can recruit the best people for your business. Listen now!


Planning for a Successful 2018 | The Contractor Fight

On episode #124 of The Contractor Fight, Al Levi joins hosts Tom to discuss how to use the 4th quarter of 2017 to make 2018 successful. They also discuss how to make goals that you’ll stick to, as well as the importance of finding the right people to hire. Listen now!


Hiring, Employee Retention, and More | Blue Collar Proud Show

On this episode of the Blue Collar Proud Show, Al Levi joins hosts Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill to discuss hiring, employee retention, and more. Learn what works,what doesn’t, and how to make it work so you can run your business with less stress and more success. Listen now!


Planning for 2018 | Contractors Secret Weapon

On this episode of Contractors Secret Weapon, Al Levi discusses with host Dave Negri how you can be planning in this 4th quarter of 2017 for the upcoming 2018 year. Learn how to create a list of the top 10 things you need to do in the upcoming year, not the top 10,000, so you can run your business with less stress and more success. Listen now!


Systemizing Your Business | Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Show

On this episode of the Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Show, Al Levi shares with host Josh Nelson the operations of business and how you can systemize your business to run with less stress and more success. Learn how to make your business run smoothly and stress free… Listen now!


The 7-Power Concepts | Sonoran Living

On a recent talk show segment with Sonoran Living, Al Levi joined lifestyle program host Terri Quellette to discuss the 7-Power concepts all small business owners must master. Al shared tips and tricks for less stress and more success!


The 7-Power Contractor on Manuals and Training | HomeTalk Media

In this radio segment for HomeTalk Media, Al joins home improvement expert (and restauranteur) Michael King “The Cajun Contractor” to talk about the qualities of good contractors, the importance of manuals and training, why Al created operating manuals at his company, and much, much more. (Also, it was lots of fun.)


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