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The 7-Power Concepts | Sonoran Living

On a recent talk show segment with Sonoran Living, Al Levi joined lifestyle program host Terri Quellette to discuss the 7-Power concepts all small business owners must master. Al shared tips and tricks for less stress and more success!


The 7-Power Contractor on Manuals and Training | HomeTalk Media

In this radio segment for HomeTalk Media, Al joins home improvement expert (and restauranteur) Michael King “The Cajun Contractor” to talk about the qualities of good contractors, the importance of manuals and training, why Al created operating manuals at his company, and much, much more. (Also, it was lots of fun.)


Is there a manual for success? Yes! | Blue Collar Proud Show

On Episode 82 of the Blue Collar Proud Show, Al joins hosts Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill to talk about how creating operating manuals that covers 80 percent of what you do in a friendly way and implementing straightforward organizational charts can take you a long way to transform your business so you can run it with less stress and more success.


Becoming a 7-Power Contractor | WMAP Radio — World’s Most Amazing People

On this radio segment for WMAP in Long Island, New York (my old stomping grounds) I outline for host Brendan the basics of The 7-Power Contractor approach including planning power, operating power, financial power, sales power, marketing power, staffing power and sales coaching power.


Gaining Power Over Your Business | Business Insanity Talk Radio

On Episode 429 of Business Insanity Talk Radio, host (and small business expert) Barry Moltz and I discuss the Big Idea behind The 7-Power Contractor approach, which is “Gain power over your business or your business will have power over you!”

We also covered what prevent owners from setting up processes so their businesses can run without them, where to start, and how the 7-Power concepts can help.


The Power of Planning | REHAU Academy On Air Podcast

In Episode 008 of REHAU On Air, host and REHAU Academy Manager Max Rohr and Al discuss the power of planning and good communications. Here it is! (You Tube Link).


When is the Right Time to Expand a Contracting Business? | The Site Shed Podcast

In Toolbox Talk Episode TSS113The Site Shed host Matt Jones invited Ellen Rohr and I to respond to a question from listener Anthony from Plan B Plumbing in Melbourne, Australia who wanted to know: “When is the right time to expand a contracting business? When you have the work, or in the planning stage?” Insight and hilarity ensues. Have a listen.


Run Your Contracting Business With Less Stress and More Success | Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast

Can implementing systems, policies and procedures really make that big a difference? Yes! On episode 157 of The Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast, I explain how The 7-Power Contractor system can help contractors run their businesses with less stress and more success, changing lives for the better for those owners who put it into place.

Host Dave Negri and I talk about struggles many of us have (some we actually create for ourselves) and how to overcome them. You’ll also hear how implementing systems can lead to reduced call back times, less down time, better customer service and customer interactions, fewer repetitive questions and more as well as how to roll it all out in a way that will enable employees to buy in.


Improving Sales By Optimizing the Communications Triangle | Pipeline to Profitability Podcast

Allan Ferguson - Pipeline to Profitability Podcast

Is Service Tech a sales position? On episode 21 of the Pipeline to Profitability podcast, host Allan Ferguson and I discuss Sales Power and how much times have changed.

Today’s service techs need great communication skills, not just with customers but also with other two spokes of a communications “triangle” of composed of Customer Service Representatives, Dispatchers and Service Techs. Each spoke needs to be able to communicate effectively because communications is the forerunner to good sales. We also talk about the positive and progressive impact on sales of constructive ride-alongs. You’ll also learn the five steps of sales training.


Webcast: Power Up Your Plumbing & HVAC Marketing

Marketing for ContractorsMarketing Power for the Plumbing and HVAC business owners was the topic at hand for my conversation with Josh Nelson, host of the Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Profits Webcast.

In this episode, Josh and I discuss burning questions – and answers about marketing your contracting business. For example, “How much should you budget for marketing?” and “What percent of your revenue should you invest back into marketing my Plumbing and HVAC business?”

I also divulge a proven formula for using direct mail to get the phone to ring at your contracting business with the right customers at the right time. You’ll also learn how to  leverage social proof such as reviews and testimonials in your marketing materials to drive even better results.


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