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084 – I Don’t Like Millennials… I Love Them and So Should You

Millennials get a bad rap. The truth is, they can be valuable assets. Learn why you shouldn’t just like millennials but love them!


083 – Changing the DIY Landscape

Your pitch in your marketing and sales should be to reinforce what the customer is not coming right out and telling you. They will pay if you can free up their precious leisure time and make it a no hassle experience.


082 – Does Everyone Get to Stay Your Customer?… NO!

You might have to say “no” to a customer to make room for customers who will behave in the way you want and deserve to be treated.


081 – Checking In vs Spying

It’s good to keep a check on your employees, but it’s not good to spy on them. Learn the difference here!


080 – Finally, All the Great Techs You Ever Wanted

Wish you could find all the great techs you ever wanted? You’ll need to learn and implement the five main components of Staffing Power.


079 – The 3 Column Fast Budget and Pricing Method

Whether you are pricing based on time and material or, better yet, flat rate, budgeting is the only way to arrive at what the right hourly price should be. Listen in to learn how to budget correctly!


078 – Employee Feedback Done Right

Employee feedback is critical to your company’s success. It’s equally important that you truly listen to their feedback. Learn why!


077 – Selling Quality Assurance Standards

It’s not your customer’s job to understand your terminology and technology. It’s your job to help them understand. Learn how to speak to them in plain English!


076 – New Practices for Covid-19

How can you keep yourself, your staff, and your customers safe during the Covid-19 pandemic? Start by following these guidelines!


075 – Real Goal or Fantasy?

I was working hard every day and night when I was in my family business years ago. Each day was a battle not unlike what you probably face at your own company. That’s when I realized I could make my goals a reality, not just a fantasy.


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