"Work Flow Has Iimproved Dramatically"

Jim Deiter, Deiter Bros.
October 24, 2010

Our last “Planning Power” Session was very intense. Al spent a lot of time interviewing employees in order to get a “real” feel for how the Company conducts business on a day-to-day basis versus what he may have been told by either myself or just one or two other people in the organization.

Subsequent to Al’s visit he indicated that he felt that some of our problem was a result of messy work areas. We spent a week cleaning, filled two huge dumpsters and had a shredding truck here for two full days. It is almost hard to recognize the place! No one leaves for the day now without completely cleaning his work areas. Work flow has improved dramatically! We took this principal and then inventoried and cleaned every service vehicle. We then re-inventoried each truck exactly the same. Our inventory is finally decreasing as we had hoped it would.

The process of creating “Operating manuals” has been moving forward. The first edits are now done and we will be deploying the manuals and instituting training on them after we complete the second edits.

The project priority planner has been a great tool for keeping us focused. There is a lot of discipline required by all of us inasmuch as we were all very accustomed to “putting out fires” rather than concentrating on the top priorities and accomplishing them.

It is not a very easy job to look inside an organization, find problem areas, make corrections and have everyone get “onboard” with them instantly. Al has been able to do this by staying on top of the progress, monitoring, tweaking and coaching in our weekly sessions. Improvements to our bottom line as well as an increased level of customer satisfaction are already being seen.

Jim Deiter, Owner
Deiter Bros.
Bethlehem, PA

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