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Holiday Bonus Blues Getting You Down?

The holiday season should be a wonderful time for friends and family to gather. It should also be a time for everyone at your company to come together and celebrate another year wrapping up as a team.

But, the holiday season can be very stressful at work.

One of the reasons is the ugly thing that can happen at companies and that is the tug of war over giving staff holiday bonuses. It’s not that you’re cheap. But, a lot of contractors I’ve worked with have had to take the money out of their own bank account or even worse from their own holiday fund to pay these bonuses. That’s just not right, let alone sustainable.


Sales Coaching Isn’t Just For Techs

Selling doesn’t begin when a Tech is at the customer’s doorstep. It starts when your Customer Service Representative (aka CSR) answers the phone. All sales momentum either builds from that moment on – or it falls apart.


Nope! That’s why when teaching my Sales Power selling system I insist on spending time coaching the CSRs and, if I can get to them, the Dispatchers (aka DSRs) as well.

“Wait a minute!” you might be thinking, “The CSRs and DSRs aren’t selling…right?”

Wrong! CSRs and DSRs have the ability to sabotage sales at every turn if they’re not provided with a documented set of operation manuals and trained how to properly do their job . They need to know not just how to clear the dispatch board of calls but also to how to recognize and then maximize every sales opportunity.

To achieve this, never-ending weekly coaching and daily monitoring is more than a good suggestion. It’s a necessity. Why? Because CSRs and DSRs can either make a Tech soar or they can break them.

Don’t believe me?


Driving Phenomenal Sales With Sales Coaching

When it comes to your contracting business, sales coaching is the key to driving phenomenal sales.

But, how can you effectively coach sales without a repeatable-documented selling system to train Techs how to do sales the right way? The answer is you can’t.

The Tech selling system I teach has five steps. Each step needs to be taught and demonstrated in a certain order because one step builds on the other. If you skip steps, the system falls apart and sales suffer, as does customer satisfaction, a lose-lose scenario that can be avoided!

The five steps are:

  1. Open the Call the Right Way
  2. Gain Permission to Survey the Premises So Nothing is Missed
  3. Price the Work That You’re Recommending Correctly
  4. Present the Menu With What Must Be Done and Extras Worth Considering
  5. Write the Kind of Work Order that Gets Signed

Documenting this sales system has been documented and training your techs on it is only half the battle, however. To gain traction and build a good sales culture over time you will also need to provide never-ending sales coaching for it.


Why Buy Another Contracting Business Book?

Good question!

Is there a shortage of business books out there or business information out there on how to be successful in the contracting business? Nope!

Can trying to figure out what to do with all that information be overwhelming and confusing? Yes!


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