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Streamlining Success With the 7 Steps of Delegation

Does your staff seem to take longer than the time they’re given no matter what the task assigned is … even with the simplest of things?

Are you disappointed?

I know it used to make me downright crazy!

I’d figure a job for one day and to be safe I’d even throw in an extra half a day in case a bad scenario would arise. Still more often than not the job could take two days. The next time a similar job would come up I’d figure 1-1/2 days and 2 days if they faced a bad scenario and they job could still come in behind schedule.

What gives?

The fact is I never told them when I wanted a specific job done because I figured they’d stretch the time out if they finished early. If they finished early they  were only going to get more work if they did or worse yet I’d send them home early with no pay. Since I never told them how long to take and gave them no incentive to bring it in on-time and on-budget, they rarely met my deadlines.

Talk about having it backwards!

Looking back, it’s amazing how much clearer I am on what I used to do wrong and it has taken longer than it should to fix it. You don’t have to fall into that same hole. I’ve been there and I can spare you the pain.

But you must do what I finally learned and that is to spend more time delegating jobs on the front-end the right way: with excellent communication, a reward for good performance, and a consequence for bad performance. Unless you commit to this you can expect to pay for the screw-ups, delays, and disappointments on the back-end almost every time.

The Steps of Delegation are the powerful tool I designed to get any project a better than fighting chance to be successful.  It will work great for you too.

BUT ONLY, if you take the time to do the steps in the right order each and every time.

Master the delegation of projects by creating a written process with the following:

  1. Here’s what needs to get done
  2. Here’s why it needs to get done
  3. Here’s what you have available to get it done
  4. The priority assigned to it
  5. When it needs to be done by
  6. The meeting schedule for checking on the progress being made
  7. What rewards and consequences there are

Go over the written process and have each team member sign off on it to ensure their full cooperation and understanding.

It’s so good I created a simple one page template based on this process and it’s been delightfully successful with my clients who are disciplined enough to use it consistently.

If you’d like to see the form or learn more about this powerful process, email me at [email protected] and request the “Steps of Delegation” and I’ll be glad to send it along.

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