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Don’t Have to Love It. Just Have to Do It.

There’s always a project that you know you need to do, but you always manage to put it off…don’t you? Relax, it’s human nature to procrastinate, especially on things we know we hate, or we perceive as difficult.

The great news is once you commit to getting it done, it’s rarely as hard to do and normally well worth the effort.

I know because once upon a time I was a procrastinator. I would have stayed that way if not for the help of my mom. She saw that I struggled with my homework and had bad study habits, but she coached me, “Start with a plan. Do something easy and build your confidence vs. starting with something tough and getting frustrated.”

It really works!

It’s Always Going to Be An Uphill Battle Without Operating Manuals

Businesses either get better, or they get worse. At least that’s what I finally realized at my own service contracting company years ago. It’s akin to pushing a boulder uphill. The business is either moving up, or it’s moving down. You don’t want to be caught in the path of that boulder rolling south.

Yet in so many businesses, rocks big and small are continually sliding back down to the bottom of the hill because as the owner, there’s never just one rock to push up. There are many. We dream of the day we can stop pushing, yet we can’t even keep what we have going in the right direction!

Improving Sales By Optimizing the Communications Triangle | Pipeline to Profitability Podcast

Allan Ferguson - Pipeline to Profitability Podcast

Is Service Tech a sales position? On episode 21 of the Pipeline to Profitability podcast, host Allan Ferguson and I discuss Sales Power and how much times have changed.

Today’s service techs need great communication skills, not just with customers but also with other two spokes of a communications “triangle” of composed of Customer Service Representatives, Dispatchers and Service Techs. Each spoke needs to be able to communicate effectively because communications is the forerunner to good sales. We also talk about the positive and progressive impact on sales of constructive ride-alongs. You’ll also learn the five steps of sales training.

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