Why Would You Go To The Doctor And Not Do What You’re Told?

Years back, my friend who was a noted industry specialist in our trade called me to complain that he had a number of contractors who would call him up to seek his advice because they were in a bind.

But, no matter what advice he gave them the answer was always the same, “That won’t work. What else do you got?”

What he had come to learn is that although there are plenty of contractors who love to complain about things there are a lot who won’t accept even expert advice because the only one they’re listening to is themselves. Even thought their own actions have lead them to struggle and suffer a life of misery.

Some people are happy to fail because their comfortable with it. It’s like an old worn out sweater they just love to wear. What they really want from even an expert is to feel that the problem can’t be solved and life and their business can’t get any better because even the “expert” doesn’t have the answers.

Many people I knew when I belonged to a very prestige trade group were content with paying high dues and taking time and money to attend meetings just so they could find other souls who would also say, “I tried that and it didn’t work for me either. Want to get a drink?”

Be careful who you associate with! But more importantly, be careful what you really think because your way out is through being open to solid advice from proven experts.

Whether you pay for the advice or not, you need to do it the way your instructed and without the resistance.

Do you listen to the wise advice of your own doctor? I bet it’s somewhat, sometimes or not always.
That’s because the medicine may be distasteful and it involves changes and the sneaking this is it might just be a desire to prove the doctor wrong. Once again, it’s easy to fall victim to loving only your own thoughts that can sabotage you.

Don’t think that’s possible?

Here’s what’s worse. I know as a consultant people have hired me and don’t take the advice in the way it’s given and in the sequence it’s given despite my specific instructions. It’s puzzling to me but not unexpected. We’re all human.

You can probably see how this doesn’t make sense when I ask you if you’ve ever had clients call you and then proceed to tell you you’re wrong, or how to do your job or they try to do it themselves.

I don’t know about you but when I hire a contractor [and yes these days I hire contractors…the thrill of being a do-it-yourselfer has long left me] to work at my home, all I tell them is what I want and how I will judge the project a success. What I don’t do is tell them how to do their work!

Consider where you’re getting your information from, ask other contractors and trade groups you trust who they recommend for help and when you know you’re you’ve found a mentor I recommend you listen, process and act accordingly.

The success you desire and deserve is always a step away. That step is just being open to sound advice and then getting started implementing it.

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