5 Rules on How to Go Green and Make Money Doing It

The big buzz word is, “Green.” Frankly, I’ve been in the business of saving the planet and I didn’t even know I was doing it.

Way back in the 70s when the first oil shock wave hit, my company knew we better get into the energy saving business or someone else was going to lock us out of our own customers’ basements. And we weren’t going to allow that.

We learned about energy-saving heating systems, water-saving devices, electrical controls and more. When the price was spiking it was a “no-brainer” to sell this stuff. But once the price backed down and we got adjusted to it, we fell back to our old habits and you can see where that’s gotten us.

What you need to understand is that people in general saying they’d like to be “Green” but if you scratch below the surface just a little they vote with their pocketbook.

To really own the “Green Business” and do the world and your company a big favor, you need to:

  1. Be green at your own business. If you talk green but aren’t that’s called “Green washing” and you’ll be exposed for the hypocrite you are
  2. Sell Green for the money it saves and not just because it helps the planet.
  3. Create packages of energy items you can sell that do reduce waste and saves people money.
  4. Invest in the energy audit technology and the training it’s a small price in the long-run to be capable of doing the energy audits and also be the one to provide the solutions.
  5. Become passionate about how going green is the right thing to do and be just as passionate about how going green saves the customer money.

Then, get great at marketing your success stories and begin to move from a commodity service business to a niche service business and reap the rich rewards in ever possible way.

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