7 Steps to Better Training that Will Make Your Company Better

No matter how smart you, the owner, are…you can’t do everything yourself!

So, you’re probably tempted to delegate work to others [if you can afford employees]. But how do you know that they can do what they say they know?

There’s only two ways they can demonstrate that really know something:

  1. They tell you in a convincing way the actual steps it takes to do a task
  2. They can show you in person that they can do the specific task

And how can you teach someone something once you know they need to learn it?

You need to create a training curriculum for each task your company does.

The first good step in creating a training curriculum is to create an operations manual. But when it comes to training, having manuals alone is just one phenomenally good step that will still fall short unless you learn how to become a better trainer.

Here’s a very brief overview of the many tools and techniques I use when I teach my clients during Staffing Power! how to develop and create the type of employees they’ve always dreamed of:

  1. Have your opening remarks or story ready to begin every training session. They won’t be receptive to learning until you’ve unlocked their mind by teasing them with the why they need to learn this.
  2. Be very…very positive and enthusiastic
  3. Feel that you’ve earned the right to be at the front of the class. Practice by visualizing yourself in the Training Center [or if you don’t have a training center yet…your conference room] feeling confident that you’re getting very positive feedback from the trainees.
  4. Select the three to four main points you want to make in each class and have very strong benefits [“WIIFM” aka  “What’s In It For Me”] so they are invested in learning this  material
  5. Give out only the training materials that they’ll need as they need it so they stay in sync with you.
    Ex: If you give them a 10 page photocopy of a troubleshooting guide before you’re ready to use it, they’ll be flipping through it while you’re talking.
  6. Close every training session with a summary of what was covered in each training session and whenever possible get them to sign off on the training done so they know they’re responsible for doing it in the real-world.
  7. Capture your training on video so you may watch yourself. It’s painful at first but it’s the very best feedback you can get and fastest way I know to get better at training.

Start with these 7 tips and become a trainer and then you won’t have to be the only “doer” at your company!

Al Levi teaches contractors how to run their businesses with less stress and more success with operating manuals. To get control of your business and grow the right way, get his Build Your Operating Manuals Online Program at 7powercontractor.com/byom today.

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