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Wishing It Were So

In working with clients one to one face to face, from the stage during a presentation or a workshop and in teleseminars and Webinars over the internet, I see the most dangerous flaw that is all to common in many…


Thinking About Now and Changing Tomorrow

Most of us think a lot! We’re driving to work and we’re thinking…well maybe dreading it. We’re bombarded by staff questions and customer interactions so we’re thinking of answers to the problems and challenges hurled our way. We’re at our…


7 Power Concepts of Business

What does it take to own and operate a successful company? The fundamentals of owning and operating any business are remarkably the same. There are 7 major areas that require your attention as an owner. I call this The Power…


Loaves of Bread Not Slices

I’ll admit it. I’m not a giant fan of reading financials and management reporting. I’ll also admit. That I can help pretty much any business be more successful and they’ll fail if they don’t know the numbers. That’s why I…


Mastering the Master Project List

Why is it that your staff isn’t quite as excited as you are when you discuss a new project, a new process, a new policy or a habit you want to change? Because it’s annoying! This is especially true if…


7 Tips to Survive Returning from a Vacation

How much do you dread going on vacation just because you know the hell you’ll face when you return to work?

I know I always loved and hated going on vacation.

That’s because I had to kill myself to clear up the backlog of work so I could go on vacation, there were calls I had to field about work while I was away, I was worried about what was going on while I was gone so I was always checking in and finally there was the pile of stuff waiting for me to do when I got back.

It got to the point I started to dread going on vacation instead of relishing them as a chance to unplug and recharge.

The occasional disaster and the routine foul-ups drained any joy feeling I had from having gone on vacation.

That is until I learned how to fix my company and fix my thinking. I was the problem and I finally decided it was going to change.

Here’s how my brothers and I learned to not only take charge of our company but get our lives back one vacation day at a time:

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5 Ds to Plan For

I was 25 years old and my dad’s instructions to me and to my older brothers was to go have an estate plan done and for all of us to put together a buy-sell for our family business. My wife…


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