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Goals, Beliefs and Actions: The Foundation of Leadership

When I first moved out to Phoenix, I brought the souvenirs of my career with me – a bad back and bad knees. My wife suggested that I sign up for a Yoga class, which I did with the sole purpose of my getting some physical relief.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I now love Yoga! It has been life-altering both physically and mentally.

One day as I was stretching out in class, the teacher was talking about some different philosophies. One of the things she mentioned is that if you set goals and you have actions attached to them – but you never seem to reach those goals – the step you might be missing is belief.

An illustration would be you’re a heavy person, like I’ve been most of my life, and you have the goal of losing weight. You know all of the actions – eat right, eat smaller portions, and exercise more often. But if you don’t believe that you’re a thin person – if you believe that you’ll always be a heavy person – it’s never going to change. So what we need to tie together are our goals (what we want to achieve) and what we really believe. And make sure that what we believe is in sync with our goals. And then take the appropriate actions that will make those goals a reality.

This applies to running a business every bit as much as it applies to your life.

Here’s how to get started. Create your Goal-Beliefs-Actions plans for both your business and your personal life.

As an example, here are mine for my personal life:

Goal: A Healthy Mind


  1. “As I feel so shall I do.” So I want to choose to feel good about myself and my choices and stay positive.
  2. A healthy mind allows me to achieve my best in all my other goals.
  3. A healthy mind allows me to enjoy fully what I have in my life today and to pursue aggressively what I want in the future.


  1. Continue to work hard on my business throughout this year.
  2. Read to increase my knowledge and exposure to the world.
  3. Focus more on the process.
  4. Practice Yoga’s breathing techniques and incorporate the relaxation techniques and the positive outlook.
  5. Attend classes and seminars.
  6. Continue to visit museums and cultural venues.
  7. Increase my patience.
  8. Increase my ability to follow my own agenda.
  9. Increase my ability to focus on the cause vs. just the symptom.
  10. Identify what I am and am not able to control and learn to accept them both accordingly.


Here are mine for my professional life:

Goal: Creating a Successful Business


  1. What I offer has great value. This is based on my own experience using these business systems and disciplines. Plus, I have knowledge of how it has worked for others I have worked with.
  2. I want to share this knowledge and I’m the right person.
  3. I love training and consulting with others.
  4. I love learning more about how business works.


  1. New Products Action:
    • Release the Audible version of my book called The 7-Power Contractor
    • Digitized delivery of my Operating Manuals and all that entails in phases so more contractors can afford the time, energy and money to get these vital resources in place
    • Provide exclusive 1-to-1 Power Partner Consulting
  2. Marketing Actions for these New Products:
    • Direct my services to Home-Service Businesses/Contractors and to Organizations and Manufacturers that sell to my target audience.
    • Continue to get published in magazines such as PM.
    • Get news releases in the different magazines that reach the Contractors I’m seeking to connect with.
    • Get the right customers to the website.
    • Increase my existing contacts for a direct mail and permission marketing through email blasts and E-Newsletters tied to social media too.
    • Make good use of my existing testimonials and the future ones clients are offering me.
    • Network with industry people and organizations.
    • Use my clear Mission-Position-End Game Statements to direct 7 Power Contractor.


Another thing Yoga has taught me is that to get the results we desire we must focus intently on the process. Each Yoga session begins with the Teacher instructing us to set an intention for this class. In other words, this is what we are hoping to come away with when the class is finished.

The need to set your intention is vital for you as you come to work each day. What are you intending to do today to make the day worthwhile? This helps improve your day-to-day operations of your business.

The next big step is to take a longer-term approach to making your intentions for your business come to life. To do that, I recommend you also create your Mission-Position-End Game statements for your business.


Here are mine:

Mission Statement:

Help you: “Run Your Contracting Business with Less Stress and More Success.”

Position Statement:

To be the recognized expert in providing proven business systems and solutions to Contractors.

End Game Statement:

To be honoring my commitment to the ‘10 Golden Rules for My Business’ while delivering proven business systems and solutions.

I will be providing more digitized content. I’ll only be available to a select number of customers who want me to consult with them. The consulting will be done primarily here in Phoenix, by GoToMeeting, phone and e-mail tied to 1 to 2 visits to their shop over the course of the engagement.

I will have identified a minimum of two Contractors that have completed my programs, implemented these systems, and are positive examples of how it can change things for the better. These people will be the new “Missionaries” for 7-Power Contractor.

Engage in these exercises and feel the benefits of achieving a focused mind that changes both your personal life and your business for the better.

Al Levi teaches contractors how to run their businesses with less stress and more success with operating manuals. To get control of your business and grow the right way, get The 7-Power Contractor® Signature Operating Manuals System at 7powercontractor.com/SOMS today.

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