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What You Must Do to Make More Sales

Why were my sales so poor at the beginning of my sales career?

Here’ are only three of the many reasons:

  1. I was trying to make sales call during the day when maybe one decision maker might be home. This is also known as trying to make a “One-legged sale.”
  2. When I got too many people saying no, I went faster and spent less time with each customer.
  3. I was too busy flipping back and forth between running jobs and selling jobs and no one was in sync.

What changed me into a top seller at my company?

Good sales training to the rescue!

I attended many sales workshops and I practiced a lot. All this training and practice taught me:

  1. How to get my customer to value my time and still accommodate their schedules. It also taught me how to maximize my own workday.
  2. Another secret they taught me was to keep my days free to run the existing jobs I had sold so I could keep the fires to a minimum. The only exception for sales call during the day was to address an emergency jobs.

Here are 6 other strategies I learned along the way:

  1. Interview the potential sales lead as much as they interviewed me.
  2. Make sure I was getting in front of the right customer first. That meant someone who valued their time,  comfort and care for their home as much if not more than their money.
  3. Let them know when I’d be in their neighborhood and that I’d need to make sure that all decision makers would be there rather than my asking them when would it be convenient for them.
  4. Offer them the days of the week I do sales calls.
  5. Next offer them a two-hour time slot so I wouldn’t have to race between calls.
  6. And for those I couldn’t accommodate during the week I offered two time slots on Saturday morning only.

Amazingly when I followed this process, I did get in front of the right customers. Surprisingly, my closing rate went up. Miraculously, the profit per sale went up.

Al Levi teaches contractors how to run their businesses with less stress and more success through his book, seminars, webinars and his exclusive 1-to-1 consulting practice.

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