Beware Actions Born of Boredom

Many a client throughout the years has told me when I said they were taking actions out of boredom with the status quo, “Bored? I can hardly catch my breath!”

Maybe… maybe not.

You can be crazy busy, but activity can serve to mask the underlying boredom that can creep into our life at work. This is especially so in a maturing company. The goal for leadership must be to make their companies perform consistently better, and this can take its toll.

Boredom usually takes hold because this never ending-process is tough and, frankly, boring. So, they respond to it by starting a bunch of new projects that take away attention from the main objective they said they were pursuing.

Here are just four ways boredom can play out in a bad way:

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The 7-Power Contractor Testimonial by Matt Jones

“Loving the book. I had read it before, but reading it again – it’s like a totally different read in a good way.”

“As a regular guest on my podcast, The Site Shed, Al is always a wealth of information on so many topics.

When Al first came on the show a number of years ago, I read The 7 Power Contractor in digital format, and it was great. Recently, however, I have re-read the book in paperback form, and it’s like I’ve read an entirely different publication.

It’s potentially a testament to where I’m currently at in my business; however, it’s like it’s been written for me.

**I should add at this point that I am no longer a contractor either. Sure, my clients are; however, I run a digital agency and a business podcast. Regardless, this book is more relevant than ever to me, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that this book will only benefit contractors.

The key takeaways for me have been Al’s ‘Meeting Manifesto’ and his detail around Organizational Charts. Of late, I have learned how important it is for businesses to have those things in order.

On behalf of myself and my audience, I want to say a big thanks to Al for his tireless commitment to the industry and his ongoing dedication to helping individuals and businesses become the best they can be.”

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Al Levi to Speak on Less Stress, More Success at 2018 WWETT Show

Going to the 2018 WWETT show? Great! Want to learn how to have less stress and more success in your contracting business? Yes, you do!

Al Levi, The 7-Power Contractor and CEO of Zoom Franchise Company, tells you how in TH18 – Wouldn’t It Be Great to Run Your Contracting Business With Less Stress and More Success? at 10:30a.m., Thursday, Feb. 22. Al is known for his practical and actionable advice. Don’t miss this!

While you’re at it please plan to join Ellen Rohr, President, Zoom Franchise Company, for her talk WE09 – How To Be a GREAT Boss at 8:30a.m., Wednesday Feb. 21, too.

And be sure to stop by the Zoom Drain Booth (5452) and get in on their cool “Main Drain Event” obstacle course challenge.

The WWETT Show—Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show—is the world’s largest annual trade show for wastewater and environmental service professionals.

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Contractors Attend ‘Build Your Operating Manuals’ Workshop with PM Columnist Al Levi

Eleven contractors from five service-contracting businesses across the country joined PM columnist Al Levi November 15-16 in Phoenix for the The 7-Power Contractor® Build Your Operating Manuals Program Workshop. Phoenix, AZ – NOVEMBER 17, 2017——Leaders from five service contracting companies…


The 7-Power Concepts | Sonoran Living

On a recent talk show segment with Sonoran Living, Al Levi joined lifestyle program host Terri Quellette to discuss the 7-Power concepts all small business owners must master. Al shared tips and tricks for less stress and more success!


Appleseed Business is Now The 7-Power Contractor

Service Contractor Education and Consulting Business Evolves, Takes New Name: Founder Al Levi Renames Business ‘The 7-Power Contractor’ Scottsdale, AZ—April 13, 2017—The 7-Power ContractorSM is the new name for the service contractor education and consulting business founded 15 years ago…


Al Levi Quoted in

Al Levi says staying in front of the situation with creditors and trade partners makes them a lot more likely to work with you to get to a solution that will benefit both parties, in Small Business Debt Relief for…


Retired at 48: Former Contractor and PCHE Business Expert Debuts ‘The 7-Power Contractor Build Your Operating Manuals Program’

Program guides service contractors through challenging task of creating key operating manuals to run their contracting businesses with less stress and more success.   Scottsdale, AZ —January 11, 2017 —Ten service contracting business owners will have the opportunity to participate…

Al Levi, BNP Columnist, Now Writes for Reeves Journal

Popular BNP Columnist Al Levi Premieres in Reeves Journal

Scottsdale, AZ—December 27, 2016—Al Levi, a longtime columnist for BNP Media’s Plumbing & Mechanical magazine, is writing a new column for BNP publication Reeves Journal—a trade magazine for plumbing, solar, thermal and radiant hydronic heating contractors doing business in the…

Service World Expo

Al Levi to Speak at Service World Expo

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — If you’re a contractor headed to Service World Expo Oct. 26-28 (and I hope you are) please join me in the Partagas Room at 3 p.m. on October 27 to so I can introduce you to my…


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